Event Store
Through the cold wilderness
to sizzling hot rewards!
Play browser games via the 101XP Game Center, gain XP-points for 5 hours spent in-game every day, then exchange them for valuable rewards at the store on the event page! Fight the cold in a battle for valuable prizes!
The event ends on November 29
Getting Started
+50 XP
Slippery Overpass
+100 XP
Frozen Forest
+150 XP
Windy Peak
+200 XP
Campfire Respite
+250 XP
Clear Sky
+300 XP
Mountain Trail
+350 XP
Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
+400 XP
Final Steps
+450 XP
Home Sweet Home
+500 XP
Play via the 101XP Game Center for 5 hours every day to gain more XP-points!
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
Buy XP-points
No headaches –
only your favorite games!
Add the Game Center to your desktop and forget about the browser!
Launch, install, and update your 101XP games in one click!
Client requires Windows 7 or later
No risk of Flash being disabled!
Even if your favorite game becomes unavailable via a browser, you will be able to continue playing via the 101XP Game Center.
User-friendly interface
The familiar layout will greatly facilitate the transition from the web portal to the Game Center: only the necessary functionality with no superfluous elements, easy to understand at a glance!
Continuous optimization
Our mission is to provide users with positive emotions, so we are constantly working on improving the Game Center. With each new version, it becomes faster, more convenient and reliable!
How to participate in the event?
Simply log into your 101XP.com account, visit the event page, and click “Participate”.
Who can participate?
All 101XP users who have registered at least 24 prior to the start of the event are eligible for participation.
How to earn XP-points?
Launch any browser game via the 101XP Game Center and spend at least 60 minutes online on the same day. Daily XP-points limit can be reached by spending 5 hours in-game.
Can XP-points be earned by playing client-based games?
No, XP-points are only awarded for online time spent in browser games.
How quickly will XP-points be added to my account once the conditions are met?
XP-points are typically awarded within 10 minutes after the player has spent an hour in a browser game, playing via the 101XP Game Center. Additional points will be added every 60 minutes until the daily limit is reached, all throughout the 14 days that you log into the game. Refresh the event page if you do not see the accumulated XP-points being added to the counter once you have fulfilled the requirements and the initial 10 minutes have passed. Alternatively, just visit the event page once a day to make sure that all of the daily rewards for the 5 hours spent in-game were accounted for. :)
How long will the event last?
The event will be held for 14 days, from November 16 until November 29 inclusive.
Why are there only 10 checkpoints on the map if the event lasts 14 days?
During the first 10 days of your participation in the event, additional XP-points will be added for every first hour spent in-game (participation reward), meaning that the first 10 days will be the most productive when it comes to collecting XP-points! During the remaining 4 days, however, you will only receive the base XP point rate for staying online, i.e. 25 XP-points for every 60 minutes spent in-game (up to 125 points for playing for 5 hours).
What will happen if I join 2 days after the official start of the event?
Not a problem! You will start making progress towards participation (checkpoints on map) rewards whenever you decide to join the event, even if that happens a few days after the official start. That means you will still have a chance to claim all of the rewards hidden on the 10 checkpoints even if you begin playing browser games via the Game Center on the fourth day of the event! Joining the event on its fifth day, however, will result in diminished total XP earnings.
Is it possible to get even more XP-points and purchase all of the items available at the event store?
It is! Additional XP-points are included in the store as a separate item for each of the games. For every $1.49 spent you will receive 250 more XP-points.
What will happen to the unspent XP-points once the event is over?
Once the event ends, the event page and store will be available for the next 14 days during which you will be able to spend any remaining XP-points. Keep in mind, that once these 14 days pass the event page will become unavailable and any unspent XP-points will be permanently lost. Additional points can be purchased from the store during the first 7 days after the event has officially ended.
How can I use 101 Artefact promo codes?
In 101 Artefact you can activate any promo codes you have previously received to claim unique items for your character in any of the four browser games presented here. Plus, this is a great way to spend any remaining XP-points! The 101 Artefact store can be found at market.101xp.com